GTA V: 9 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

4. GTA V Cost More To Make Than Watchmen and Prometheus

Watchmen We now live in a world where video games are the highest-grossing entertainment product, with the likes of Halo, Call of Duty and, yes, Grand Theft Auto, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars within mere days of launching. As games can now deliver grosses in excess of movies, perhaps it's not a surprise that they end up costing just as much, with GTA V reportedly costing in the region of $137 million. To put this figure into perspective, that is slightly more than blockbuster tentpoles like Watchmen and Prometheus cost to make (both roughly budgeted at $130 million). Given the development time that goes into these games - often double or triple that needed to make a blockbuster movie - it again perhaps shouldn't be too surprising that costs are so high, but on the flip-side, GTA V is damn-near guaranteed to make that money back on launch day alone.

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