GTA V Gameplay Trailer: 10 Things We Learned

The incredible new 5-minute gameplay trailer for GTA V just dropped – which you can view here – and has pretty…

Shaun Munro



The incredible new 5-minute gameplay trailer for GTA V just dropped – which you can view here – and has pretty much broken the Internet. Twitter, message boards and web-sites the world over are abuzz discussing an uncharacteristically extensive unveiling from Rockstar; usually marketing materials for the GTA games shy away from showing proper gameplay footage complete with a HUD, instead insisting on manipulating the game engine to fashion a cool, movie-like trailer, yet today, we’ve seen exactly what the final product is going to look like from our playing perspective.

Inter-cut with actual gameplay footage are various manipulated camera angles and cut-scenes too, giving us the best of both worlds and making it clear that GTA V is going to be one of the most ambitious undertakings in video gaming up to this point. If they can pull it off, Rockstar won’t only nab Game of the Year honours across the board, but this could just be one of the greatest games ever made. Here are 10 things we learned from the new gameplay trailer…



10. Players Can Swap Between Vantage Points


We already knew that GTA V had three protagonists, and that we’d be able to swap between them, but this trailer made it clear exactly how that mechanic operates, and it seems extremely versatile indeed. During a heist mission, we see Michael smashing through a window and taking a man hostage, at which point he calls for some help from Franklin, who is atop a distant building, and picks the man’s cronies off with a high-powered sniper rifle. From then, Trevor is waiting in a helicopter, who then flies Michael and the hostage back to base, while Michael then opens fire on a fleet of enemy helicopters that give chase.

Though it remains to be seen how much freedom this will actually promote, the implementation so far look fascinating; it’s hard to tell how much of the swapping around is fully prompted by the mission in question, but hopefully players will be able to freely dart between them as we see fit.

Going by the icon in the bottom left corner, it seems like we’ll be able to change things up when we like (though Trevor being greyed out while flying the copter suggests we won’t have total freedom).