GTA V Initial Reaction: 5 Things We Learned

Gtavwallpaper In case you didn't know, Grand Theft Auto V is out today. Of course you knew. Everyone and their dog have been talking about it. The latest iteration in Rockstar Game's ultra popular sandbox series is out right now. September 17, the one day on the calendar we had all circled with a red permanent marker, the day we've been waiting for since November 2011 - it's been a long wait at times, but it was worth it. Now that release date is here, some specialist websites have given GTA V a thorough going-over in their reviews, and here, we bring to you 5 Things We Learned from the initial reactions so far.

5. The Landscape

Gtacountryside2 GTA V is home of some of the most eclectic terrain you're ever likely to see. Gone are the ceaselessly grey streets and sidewalks of Liberty City found in IV; In its place is variety. From deserts, seedy neighborhoods to suburbia, Los Santos and Blaine County are split into varying locales. Strawberry falls into the seedy category, characterised by boarded up shop windows, gangland graffiti and impoverished households. Downtown, you will find high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, with the homeless intermingling with office workers and business types. Rockford Hills meanwhile is home to the wealthy and the elite - lavish mansions and expensive hotels, this is where Michael lives in his sprawling abode complete with swimming pool and tennis court. Then you have Vespucci Beach, where you'll find bikini-clad ladies and gym types oiling up their chiselled pecs, with party yachts anchored out at sea in the visible distance. This is where you'll be spending the next few months of your virtual life.

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