Gta Michael Tennis

With just four more days to go until the release of Grand Theft Auto V, it seems as though some people just can’t wait, with game footage leaking onto the internet more frequently than a busted tap.

Just this week, an image purporting to be the map for the upcoming sandbox title appeared online, and now, we’ve even had some alleged gameplay footage trickle through.

British tabloid The Mirror are reporting that infamous “leaker” Jsticks11 has somehow got his hands on a pre-released copy of the game and has started sending out clips.

The most recent GTA “expose” reveals, well, not a lot, actually, aside from what we already knew, such as the ability to play tennis and dive underwater.

But the leak will still no doubt set alarm bells ringing for developers Rockstar Games, who have refused to ship out copies of the game to stores until one day before its release in the hope of avoiding any further leaks.

However, if one person supposedly has a copy, it could be that we will begin seeing yet more uploaded gameplay footage of GTA V in the few days before its official release.

GTA V is out on September 17 for current generation consoles.

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This article was first posted on September 13, 2013