GTA V Leaked Map: 9 Things We Learned

Gta V Map

GTA V is now just a mere four days away, and after five and a half years of waiting, it just won't seem quite real until the game is in our hands and we're walking around Los Santos. However, the hype train has continued to build to a fever pitch this week when a map taken from the official Brady Games strategy guide was posted online, complete with a legend, detailing just some of the things we can get up to in the game. Though some suspected it to be fake, it very clearly is the real GTA V map, going by the other scans from the guide that have since been posted online (as well as apparent confirmation from Rockstar themselves). Though GTA may be the only series in history to strike up a fervor over a map, it did tell us a lot about what we're going to experience this Tuesday. Here are 9 things we learned from the leaked map...

9. There Are Lots Of Mountains. Lots.

Grand Theft Auto V - World Given that the original San Andreas game had a load of mountains, we expected something similar here, though looking at the leaked map, I doubt many of us imagined we'd see that many mountains. Though it's important to remember the scale of the entire map - a whopping 49 square miles - it appears that mountains and rural areas take up roughly three quarters of the entire map size, with the city of Los Santos tucked in neatly at the very bottom. In addition to the return of Mount Chiliad - which will no doubt have players frantically searching for the ellusive bigfoot once again - there is the inclusion of a new mountain, Mount Josiah, which as we've observed from trailers, appears to have a lot of wildlife such as mountain lions that can be hunted.

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