The long wait for Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a long and at times arduous one.

And for some people, the wait has been long enough, for numerous leaks have filtered out onto the world wide web that purportedly give away certain key elements of the upcoming crime title.

Mere weeks away from the game’s September 17 release, so close in fact we can almost hear the chattering of machine gun fire, some fans have taken it upon themselves to leak valuable information.

This came about when gamers somehow obtained files from GTA V’s digital launch which was making the game available for pre-order through the PS3′s European version of the Playstation Store.

Rockstar, the developers of the long-running series, spoke of their disappointment at the leaks, some of which were quickly pulled from the web.

But it was too late, because already, hundreds of you have already seen or at least heard of the leaking of the new information, some of which we are going to publish right here.

Please be advised that the following pages do contain GTA V spoilers and that you should proceed at your own discretion.

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This article was first posted on August 28, 2013