GTA V Leaks: 5 Awesome Things We Learned

2. 42 Hours Of Radio Content, Lazlow Returns

Lazlow One of the biggest leaks from GTA V pertained to the game's radio content. The upcoming crime-fest will feature no fewer than 42 hours of radio content for you to listen too as you drive along the streets and back-roads of Los Santos and Blaine County. The new details regarding the huge bulk of radio content in GTA V came to light after hackers got access to the game€™s pre-install files and leaked that the game features: A talk show hosted by a character named Dr. Ray, who is played by comedian JB Smoove. It€™s a typically bizarre GTA radio show.Mama G aka Pam Grier DJs Lowdown FM, which is of course a soul station.A punk station on which the DJs (there are two of them) are pretty mad about having to run ads and syndicated news segments.€œBlain County Radio: the voice of the real America. The America that likes guns, guts and giving wussies the finger.€ This is talk radio, but apparently not political; there€™s a promo on it for a show about semen. Lazlow is back with a new talk show. Has co-host named Michelle, and they argue a lot. That's just a brief taster of what you're going to get to hear when you tune into the radio in GTA V, and we have to say we're pleased that A) our favourite disc-jockey Lazlow is back and B) we're going to get so much content.

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