GTA V Online: 8 Fan Demands That Must Happen In 2018

Los Santos is great and all, but it's no Vice City.

Gta Online vice city

When it launched back in 2013, nobody had any idea just how big GTA Online would become. Sure, a sequel in the world-conquering franchise was always going to be popular, but an expansive online component was a rather risky decision at the time - one that was perceived to have failed when server issues and bugs completely tanked the launch experience.

The multiplayer has come a long way since that difficult first step though, and with a stream of constant updates over the past few years, Rockstar have completely transformed the entire multiplayer landscape, never waning in popularity and raking in hundreds of millions of dollars virtually every single day.

Consequently, at a time where most developers would be gearing up to release a sequel after five years on sale, Rockstar are planning to be more prolific than ever, and after dropping a surprise heist in December, seem to be working on some of the most substantial content to ever come to GTA Online.

Although a section of players lament the fact that the focus on multiplayer has resulted in the studio shunning the single player story, there's no denying just how much of a phenomenon Online has become, and these are the fan demands Rockstar need to meet over the next 12 months to keep the momentum going.


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