GTA V Online: The Doomsday Heist - 10 Things You Need To Know

1. It Looks More Like Story DLC Than A New Heist

Gta V

While the upcoming DLC has a substantial story at the heart of it, it's telling that the actual heist itself isn't actually explained in the trailer. By focusing on the narrative and set up rather than, you know, what the mission you're on actually is, the DLC resembles more of a story expansion than it does a straight-up heist.

While it might use the structure of the missions in the base game, there's going to be a bigger drive to complete these objectives than just trying to get as much money as possible, with the inclusion of the IAA, Lester and the previously introduced characters all having a part to play.

Because of the expanded narrative focus, The Doomsday Heist could be even more substantial than previously thought, and may actually be the final major addition to GTA Online before the developers shift their focus to the next instalment in the franchise.

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