GTA V Online: The Doomsday Heist - 10 Things You Need To Know

9. Jetpacks And Other Sci-Fi Tech Is Being Added


The most surprising aspect of the DLC's trailer is just how much of a futuristic slant it has, moving away from the exaggerated reality the series is known for and verging on straight-up sci-fi.

While that could have been a risky move to pull out of nowhere (GTA isn't Saints Row, after all), the appearance of jetpacks in the trailer has done more than enough to alleviate worries about the daring new approach.

Fans have been craving the return of these rocket-powered items for some time (something which the modding community swiftly remedied on PC), and after four years the devs are finally getting around to adding them back in.

However, the studio hasn't stopped at jetpacks, as there are also hints towards mech suits as well as a whole host of creative sci-fi weapons, gadgets and vehicles that look just as exciting, not least...


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