GTA V is not 2 weeks old, but already thousands of players have fully experienced the story. GTA V offers 69 missions of character-swapping hype, and the story is as masterful as the world it takes place in. Last time I discussed the 7 Insane Moments That Define GTA V’s Opening Hours, and now it’s time to focus on the closing hours.While not every note hits home perfectly, the resolution to this long and epic tale of double-crossing, guns and insanity is a great one.

I don’t really remember many GTA endings in of themselves (most likely because the ending of the story is really only the beginning of the fun), although the final few missions are usually exhilarating. The stakes are raised, and the amount of characters getting out of the story in one piece is uncertain. This game is no exception, offering a ramping up of tension as alliances are spread thin.

Now, this article is obviously for people who have played the ending for themselves. It is not just a straight up recount of events, but rather an exploration of them. Therefore there are MAJOR SPOILERS throughout this article. Every aspect of the ending is explored, so if you don’t want to know what happens, then please do not continue. Set this aside and read it later. Do it now.

Still here? Okay. So, let’s look at GTA V and 5 awesome moments that define the closing hours.

Once again, MAJOR Spoilers will follow…

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This article was first posted on September 26, 2013