The Trunk


It should come as no surprise to say that Rockstar are careful when it comes to releasing news about their titles – and I mean very careful. Not too long ago, they released a new set of GTA: V Artworks – the majority of which we’ve already seen – ‘The Trunk’ however, shown above, was one that was kept well hidden from public view.

I believe everything Rockstar does officially release is to build up an atmosphere of their choice – a great example is the first Grand Theft Auto trailer, which certainly did attract a lot of attention – all the screenshots show something – they’re made to promote the game in one way or another. The artworks do the same, whether it’s showing off the Santa Monica pier or Trevor on his quad-bike, they give us a bit of information on what the game is going to be like – what vehicles it’ll consist off, what places are going to be present in the game and they often hint at missions too.

‘The Trunk’ does just this – like most of the footage in the trailers, most of the information we’ve gathered from the screenshots, this seems to be showing a mission in the game – what they’re doing and why they’re doing it are separate questions. Watch my video below to find out exactly what I think this seems to be showing!

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This article was first posted on January 9, 2013