GTA VI: 10 Beloved Characters We Want To See Return

There's some unfinished business in Rockstar's fictional wonderland...


Carry out a quick Google search with the words 'GTA VI Vice City' and it's clear to see that many gamers yearn for a return to Rockstar's fictionalised Florida. Even if the acclaimed developers take the plunge and do upgrade Vice City for modern consoles though, there's no concrete evidence they would choose to return to the 1980's in particular.

If Rockstar set GTA VI in today's world (maybe they'll choose the 1970's or even the future?), then there's scope for some beloved characters to make a comeback. We're being selfish here, because seeing some of these iconic, comedic and downright cherished characters return to the GTA universe would be awesome.

There are no bounds either, even for some who have been posted missing in recent titles. That's the beauty of Grand Theft Auto; just when you think Rockstar are finished telling a character's story, they suddenly pop up out of nowhere to remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place...


10. Big Smoke

Big Smoke GTA San Andreas

Big Smoke's story was one of the most interesting in San Andreas. His switch from lovably overweight buffoon (who just can't shoot at enemies when he's chowing down on a Cluckin' Bell) to power-mad overlord who ultimately regrets his decision to sell out friends played a huge part in the game's story.

Obviously, Smoke died towards the end of San Andreas, but wouldn't it be cool to see him pop up in some alternate timeline come GTA VI? Rockstar would have to set the game before 1992 though, meaning we could see Smoke jetting off to Vice and cutting some deals with the crime families there.

In other words, his shady betrayal of those who love him could have been going on long before Carl Johnson landed back on Grove Street. This would add some more context to Big Smoke's character and better explain why he decided to sell out in San Andreas during the early-90's.

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