Halo 5 Vs. Black Ops 3 Vs. Star Wars Battlefront: Which One Is Best?

2015's FPS giants slug it out for supremacy...

There's probably never been a busier or better time to be an FPS nut, what with three of the genre's biggest shooter franchises battling it out for supremacy right now. Halo 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront have all recently landed in gamers' laps, and each is hopeful that they'll stand tall as the 2015 King of the FPS. The field has never been more crowded nor the questions more loaded: can Halo 5 successfully leap to the new-gen of gaming, will Call of Duty find a way to innovate, and is it possible for Battlefont live up to all those ridiculously high expectations? It's time to compare the three games in all the major areas (single player, multiplayer, DLC, sound, graphics, value for money and overall appeal) to see which comes out on top. Given how much of a strain the current busy gaming climate is causing on everyone's wallets, maybe you'll only throw down cash on one FPS this Christmas season, and so here's an assessment of each game's core strengths and weaknesses, along with an ultimate recommendation of where your cash should go...

11. Graphics

Halo 5: While it has a familiar style consistent with the previous games in the series, it's majorly impressive that Halo 5 can pull down a steady 60 FPS throughout, largely due to a dynamic resolution scaling system, in which the resolution fluctuates on-the-fly. It's incredibly silky smooth, even if some of the animations are a little janky-looking on occasion, and it's far from the most visually impressive game of the year. Black Ops 3: As usual, the latest CoD is all over the place visually: parts of the campaign look absolutely gorgeous, but other areas invite hilariously low-res textures, and the multiplayer in particular just doesn't look much improved upon last year's Advanced Warfare. Not bad by any means, just not especially impressive. Battlefront: An outstanding looking game across the board, Battlefront maintains an easy 60 FPS and boasts some of the best-looking textures of any game to date. The rocks, the snow, the character models: they all look terrific, and thoroughly enhance the Star Wars-themed experience. WINNER: Battlefront is the easy victor here, hands down.

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