With the Halo series celebrating its 10th anniversary last year, and Halo 4 recently hitting shelves, there’s no better time to consider the games that have served as Microsoft’s flagship titles across two consoles. Read on to discover which Halo game has claimed the coveted number one spot, and sound off in the comments section with your own thoughts about the series.

So, how does the newest addition to the Halo family fit in to the rest of the franchise in terms of quality? Read on to find out.

7. Halo Wars

Some people might argue that Halo Wars should not even feature on this list, due to the fact that it is an RTS game and is not really connected with the story set out in the other titles, but if it’s under the Halo banner it has to be considered a Halo game.

Released in 2009, Halo Wars gave players tactical control over UNSC (and in the multiplayer, Covenant) forces, tasking them with developing bases and amassing military forces. Turning a hugely successful FPS franchise into a strategy game was a bit of a gamble – even though high sales were pretty much guaranteed, a bad game could have seriously damaged the Halo brand.

As it happened, Halo Wars proved to be a good, although not great, RTS title.

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This article was first posted on November 20, 2012