Horizon Zero Dawn: 10 Things A Prequel/Sequel Must Address

Some questions and issues for the creators to consider.


Although Horizon Zero Dawn came out in March, there's no doubt that Guerilla Games succeeded in creating a strong game of the year candidate. The PS4 exclusive is a vast, incredible adventure, presented with breathtaking beauty. Both graphically and story-wise, Aloy's quest is one of the most impressive in recent video game history.

With an open ending, it's evident that the creators have their eyes on a sequel. And rightfully so - such a great product and an impressive universe to fill with imaginable creatures and clans validates at least one more go. The game is great, but after about a month of availability, it has probably been completed by the vast majority of gamers.

Taking into consideration the need for new stimuli, as well as the almost unanimous praise that the game received, it is safe to maybe not demand, but encourage the creators to expand the Earth of the future and give us something to look forward to.

If you've enjoyed the game and want to share your thoughts on how it could be expanded upon, feel free to share them in the comment section.


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