Horizon Zero Dawn: 10 Things The Sequel Must Have

1. Co-Op Multiplayer

Horizon Zero Dawn
Guerrilla Games

And the final thing we want to see in Horizon 2? It's a divisive one, but the addition of some sort of co-op multiplayer would be fantastic.

Yes, it'd probably be too limiting to make the entire game co-op, but allowing players to go on hunts with pals and randoms alike to take down epic machines could be a fun way to further enhance the game's replay value.

While co-op multiplayer often feels like a rushed, half-baked add-on where primarily single-player games are concerned, Horizon's world is so vast and beautiful that the allure of teaming up with three friends online to fell a colossal machine speaks for itself.

This is probably one of the less-likely improvements for Horizon 2, but with video game publishers getting ever-more desperate to keep games in players' hands as long as possible, it could very well show up. Hopefully without any of those pesky microtransactions, though.

What do you most want to see in Horizon Zero Dawn's sequel? Shout it out in the comments!

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