Horizon Zero Dawn: 10 Ways To Make The Frozen Wilds Perfect

Those metal devils aren't going to kill themselves...


Horizon: Zero Dawn was one of the best games of the last twelve months. Its gorgeous expanse of wilderness, engaging, tricky combat and capable heroine Aloy were parts of a winning formula, especially as the secrets behind its prehistoric-seeming world and high-tech legacy were revealed.

As such, one of the biggest audience reactions at this year's E3 conference came when Aloy's mane of wild red hair hove into view during the trailer for the forthcoming DLC, entitled The Frozen Wilds.

The trailer gives little away, save that Aloy is about to head off across another stretch of untamed wilderness, and that she's after something hidden in a particularly uninviting mountain. This footage also suggests she runs into a more savage form of tribe than those she tangled with in Horizon: Zero Dawn, with skull helmets and creepy fire lit prophecies aplenty. The original game had gamers extolling the grandeur of both exploration and the coolness of some excellent bow-based combat, and while the DLC promises more of the same, it also has opportunities to further propel Aloy to Croftian levels of gaming heroism.


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