Horizon Zero Dawn: 16 Crucial Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

No spoilers, just a ton of really helpful advice.

Horizon Zero Dawn

With Guerrilla Games mostly playing it cool and Sony refraining from giving away the game's main narrative in pre-release trailers, Horizon Zero Dawn has emerged as one of the absolute best PS4 exclusives of the generation so far.

And that's some mighty fine competition indeed.

Thanks to a potent mix of Shadow of Mordor bow n' arrow combat, Far Cry hunt n' gathering, a ton of fantastic, Uncharted-esque narrative segments and profound story revelations at every turn, Guerrilla have released a bonafide career best. Horizon easily outshines the brown and grey drudgery of Killzone with passion, confidence and forethought, emerging as one of the finest games available on current hardware, right up there with a Witcher 3, a DOOM or an Overwatch.

With that in mind, Horizon deserves to sell by the shedload, resulting in millions of potential players exploring its robo dinosaur-infested world, discovering all manner of things to see, do and interact with. All that said, in such a big game, it's easy to let a number of hidden features, secrets and gameplay slip you buy, which is where this article comes in.


Note: There will be no spoilers in this article.

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