How Well Do You Remember The God Of War Trilogy?

Kratos wasn't always angry. He used to be even worse.


God Of War wasn't always about an angry old man and his son working their way through every scrap of Norse mythology in their way, it was originally about an even angrier young man killing and brutalising everything in his way. Yep, we are talking about a younger Kratos and his time in Greece.

Once upon a time, Kratos was young Spartan soldier who got himself roped into service of the gods after pledging his life following a major defeat in battle. One betrayal after another leads Kratos to accidentally slaughter his own family, spiralling into a rage-induced rampage of revenge against the Gods, only to end when he sits alone at the top of Olympus with them dead at his feet.

Along the way there are myths, monsters, magic, murder and mystery - but how is your memory across all three original games?

Answers at the end!

1. Which Army Was Kratos A Soldier In?


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