Injustice 2: Jared Leto-Like Joker's Return Confirmed By Leak

Mr J's got a brand new look...

The Joker Injustice 2

It's almost time to get very excited about playing Injustice 2. The game comes out in just a couple of weeks and we're still in the midst of the roster reveals, with a number of mystery characters still to be confirmed.

After his role in the first game - and his alternate universe version's murder at the hands of an enraged Superman - some might have expected he'd sit this one out, or drop as DLC, but this is DC, and there was probably zero real chance he wouldn't be showing up. It's the Joker, after all.

Now, thanks to a gameplay video leak, we've got semi-confirmation. It looks like the French video is the early leak of the planned character reveal for today (April 28th), so we'll probably not have to wait too long to see this in concrete.

He definitely seems to look to be more like Leto's Joker than the version included in Gods Among Us...

Injustice 2 Joker Leak

This is actually the second confirmation we've had that he's going to be back after the game'e achievements were mined out and confirmed that there are two Joker-centric tasks listed in there. The 'I Love You, I Hate You' achievement asks you to defeat Mr J with Harley Quinn and for 'Why Aren't You Laughing?', Joker must defeat Batman with the final hit coming from Not So Funny Is It?

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