Injustice 3: 10 Characters NetherRealm Must Include

10. Saint Walker

DC Comics

While the Lantern mythos has been surprisingly well explored in Injustice, there is yet to be much mention of the Lantern Corps of hope: the Blue Lanterns.

Saint Walker, the most well known Blue Lantern, has been featured in numerous Green Lantern story arcs across the years, starting with Geoff Johns' run eleven years ago in 2007. Unlike the other lantern corps, the Blue Lanterns have to be in the proximity of a Green Lantern in order to access the full power of their own rings, making a visit to earth almost essential for Walker's introduction to the Injustice-verse.

Introducing Saint Walker would both juxtapose the brutal nature of Injustice with a calmer personality, while also fitting right in with his penchant for defeating villains.


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