Kingdom Hearts III: 7 Awesome Disney Worlds It Must Include

4. The Jungle (The Jungle Book)

Jungle Book The Jungle Book world was originally set to be included in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, but it was ultimately removed, therefore why not have another crack at the world in Kingdom Hearts III. The Jungle Book is, after all, a Disney classic, one of the last few that have not been represented in some capacity in a Kingdom Hearts game. It seems like a nigh-on certainty that Mowgli's home will be explored at some point and the first next gen iteration of the series seems like a great place to do it The idea of exploring a next-gen jungle while bumping into Baloo, Mowgli, and Louie is an intriguing concept and would be a great little story for Kingdom Hearts III. You could sail down the river and crash Louie's throne room (a location that was in Birth By Sleep). Maybe Baloo could teach you the Bare Necessities while having a little dancing mini-game. Who knows, maybe some pesky monkeys will get their hands on the Keyblade. The prospects are good for The Jungle.

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