Knack 2 Reviews: 11 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

Knack is back, and this time he's... good?!

Knack 2

Though the Internet has had a jolly good time making the mere existence of Knack 2 into a running joke, Sony just might end up having the last laugh now that reviewers have chimed in with their verdicts on the platforming sequel.

Knack 2 has settled at a solid 70-ish on Metacritic, a totally admirable score for a follow-up to a game that scored a disappointing 54 upon release back in late 2013.

No, Knack 2 isn't a masterpiece or anything approaching a great game, but it is an encouraging step forward which proves that designer Mark Cerny and his team have listened to the vocal complaints about what came before.

Though it's releasing in one of the busiest gaming periods of the year, not to mention the same week as Destiny 2, its competitive price point and more laid-back gameplay just might make it worth picking up at your earliest convenience...

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