Leaked Harry Potter RPG: 10 Details You Need To Know

Say "Alohomora" and unlock all the secrets.

Warner Bros

It has been the dream of many a Harry Potter fan to have a triple-A Harry Potter experience on consoles, with gameplay that lets you create your own student and personal adventure. Up until now it seemed like a dream that was very far off.

But it's actually happening.

Earlier this week, a Reddit leaker released a phone recording of a trailer for an upcoming Harry Potter RPG (which has now been taken down), where you create your own student and go on adventures throughout Hogwarts and beyond. The internet collectively lost its mind over this, and rightfully so, as the game does look amazing, even in poor quality.

Several people were quick to write the video of as fake, but the information really does line up, as Avalanche Software were rumoured to be working on something much like what was leaked. Plus, Warner Bros themselves have gone on a spree removing all the leaked videos, ostensibly confirming everything we saw was real.

Even though the trailer itself is pretty short, there's a lot to pick out that might go some way to telling us what this game is about, and what we can expect.

Get your wands ready.


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