Leaked Harry Potter RPG: 10 Details You Need To Know

10. Story, Morality Systems & Timeline Placement

Warner Bros

Alongside the trailer itself came several story details, including the fact that your character is a late entry into Hogwarts.

According to the leak, your character is a late entry Hogwarts student who comes in their fifth year. The writeup also gives us a date for the game, with it being set in the 19th century, about 100 years before Harry would join the school.

Our character is also described as being able to be 'good or evil', which might indicate some sort of morality system tied into the game. We also know that a character called "Professor Fig" will appear as a sort of mentor to your character as strange things start happening in the Forbidden Forest.

Further leaks that have come out since the trailer was shown have also indicated that the name of the game is "Harry Potter: Magic Awakened".


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