Madden 16: 10 Brand New Features You Must See

EA have greatly boosted the method behind the madness.

Madden 16 is all set to drop this summer, with E3 providing another bout of updates in regards to what the new game will include. It will be launched on August 25th in the US, while European gamers must wait until August 29th to get their hands on the best-selling NFL simulator game. Each year, new features, modes and tweaks are announced and this year is no exception, with a good balance of upgrades to improve their already winning formula. EA are starting to work harder to justify the game's price tag, with Joe Montana Football 16 ready to rival the Madden series which holds a serious monopoly over the market right now. The Joe Montana series spanned the early 90s, but since '95, Madden has been largely undisputed when it comes to American Football gaming. Madden has some huge plus points going for it, not least the EA development team who have integrated the wildly popular Ultimate Team mode into the game, following the success they garnered from their other sports titles. But now, what can Madden do to ensure they don't lose a chunk of their customers to their soon-to-be rivals? Here are the some of the key talking points surrounding Madden 16's newest features.


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