Madden 16: 10 Over-Rated Teams Who Need Downgrading

The Super Bowl Champions need to be dropped.

The new football season is drawing near, and that will bring a new raft of decisions to make on Madden 16, primarily solving the answer to the questions: "Who should I play with first?" As ever, some teams will be far more fun to utilise than others. The Indianapolis Colts can offer an immense passing QB with an deep array of willing and able receivers, with Frank Gore adding a running game to their options. The Green Bay Packers look as fearsome as ever, and with Aaron Rodgers being confirmed as a 99-rated QB, there's no limit as to what you can do with them. And the Seattle Seahawks have added a colossal red-zone presence to their lineup, making them an even more attractive option. But on the flip side, there are teams who were rated highly last time around but failed to deliver and will subsequently see their ratings take a hit. Some dips will be dramatic, others will be slight, but the fact remains, not everyone will be pleased with their team's ratings in August when the game comes out. So here are 10 teams who could see their overall ranking dropped, in order, starting with the small guys, before gradually moving up to the league's elite.

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