Madden 16: 10 Overrated Players Who Need Downgrading

Three of the greatest players in the league need bringing down a level.

Every year, EA improves their Madden formula, constantly seeking to produce games better than the instalment before, to ensure that it's worthy of the fans' annual investment. To reach the point of perfection for any given year, game mechanics need tweaking and exciting new features need to be added, though one of the key components that draws fans back to the game is realism. EA's ultimate mission is to a recreate the next best thing to pulling on the pads and charging head first into a terrifying frenzy of beefed-up lunatics. There are many ways they can go about this. Improved graphics make for a more immersive experience, deafening crowds add to the intense atmospheres, while advertisements, commentators, TV-style displays and backstories all add together to make a huge difference, but there's also a need for players to be accurately rated. The game could be inch-perfect, but if one player is rated too high or too low, fans will be eager to bring the matter up across the many forums and internet communities that have been built around the game. It's becoming an even wider ritual for fans to rip the box open and scan through each player's ratings before any actual football takes place. So here's a look at some players who were overrated at the start of Madden 15 that need to be scaled down on the next edition.
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