Madden 16: 10 Underrated Players Who Need Upgrading

Rampant rookies and overlooked stars. It's time for a boost.

You may have already seen the list of overrated players who need to be downgraded on Madden 16, so, here is the opposite list, a look at some of the players who need to be boosted up ahead of EA's latest installment of the hugely popular franchise. The debate swirling around player ratings can often overtake discussion about the game itself, and the ritual of scanning through every team to check out the ratings - before even playing a game - is increasingly widespread, with fans desperate to see whether their favourite teams and players have been treated fairly by the powers at EA. It's common to see knee-jerk upgrades for a player following a freakishly good season, only for them to slide a year later. It's also obvious that some standout rookies will need a boost if they surpass expectations. Every fan will have their own opinion over whether a player should or shouldn't be kicked up a notch, so here is a selection of some of the biggest upgrades that need to happen in Madden 16. The following ratings are all based on the Madden 15, fresh out of the box, starting ratings as opposed to the form upgrades that EA would maintain.


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