Madden 19 Review: 5 Ups & 2 Downs

1. Player Movement Can Be Jerky

Madden 19
EA Sports

EA's decision to update Madden's gameplay engine and start using Frostbite 3 last year was a blessing, but it's only with the advent of 'Real Player Motions' in Madden 19 that the development house have started to get things right. Note the wording there. Starting to get it right.

There are still some moments when players don't move naturally, or juggle awkwardly on the spot to get into position for a snap.

Hits are a minor plus point that ease the technology's bizarre tendency to float otherwise solid character models above the grass. They're meaty, and this is one of the rare times in modern sports game history when controller vibrations feel responsible and practical. If only players didn't jitter around or move in physically impossible ways.

Watch real NFL action and there's a fluidity that EA haven't been able to capture at times. Again, spot the wording. At times. There are moments when Madden 19 looks gorgeous, and players are capable of moving realistically. It's just a bit of a mixed bag, and it'll take some ironing to get the kinks out of the new tech.

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