Madden 20 Early Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Demand

That gameplay needs a bigger overhaul than the Buccaneers...

Madden 19
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Our review for Madden 19 last year said the game was "heaven" for any NFL fan looking forward to the 2018 season. Literally hundreds of games later, we stick by that assessment, although opinions have naturally evolved over time and there are things the series could start doing better.

In the case of animations and actual snap-to-snap gameplay, way better.

19 is far from a perfect game despite the heavenly tag. A few old moans from series veterans that have been around for years were ignored outright again, and there's still a bothersome lack of depth to customisation that's mind-boggling in a game revolving around such an ever-changing sport. Come Madden 20 then, there's a lot for EA to do.

Presentation, as it often is with sports titles and has been for aeons in Madden, will be key. In 20, that presentation needs watertight gameplay that doesn't expose tired flaws, and there must be more sense of ownership over individual teams as well as lore when it comes to the game's players.

Here's what fans on forums and social media suggest...

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