Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: 10 MAJOR Issues Team Ninja Must Fix

That godawful camera is a start.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is one of the biggest releases of the year so far, and for longstanding (and patient) fans of the series, it does a great job of scratching a decade-long itch.

Unfortunately, however, the game is not without a litany of flaws, ranging from minor irritations to game-breaking bugs - some of which will make you want to Hulk Smash your Switch into tiny pieces.

Whether down to technical underperformance or questionable design, these problems are a whacking great tear in MUA3's spandex, and threaten to derail players' joy at finally getting a new entry in the franchise.

Still, this is the age of continual video game patching stretching out months and years after release. An imperfect game can be improved - we have the technology - and with a little elbow grease, MUA3 could become a truly excellent title.

While it may be too much to hope that developers Team Ninja will overhaul some fundamental problems with the game's design, such as the linear levels and arbitrary "Will-this-do?" puzzle sections, they absolutely should prioritise numerous key issues, starting with these.


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