Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Every Playable Character CONFIRMED So Far

31. Wolverine


Overview: It's been far too long since the most recognizable member of the X-Men has been featured in a game. A console game, anyway. As the most unkillable X-Men, his return is a much-anticipated one.

Abilities: Thanks to Weapon X, Wolverine's skeleton is coated in adamantium, which is an indestructible metal. He also has an insane healing factor that prevents him from dying or really ageing. He was born with his trademark claws, but they didn't become the claws we know today until he got the adamantium coating.

In-Game: He can buff himself with Primal Rage, as well as assault his enemies with any combination of Adamantium Assault, Claw Strike and Berserker Barrage. Don't even worry about your health. His iconic healing factor will keep you alive and well. With all these useful skills, Wolverine might actually be the best at what he does.


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