Mass Effect 4: 10 Crazy Fan Demands That Won't Be In The Game

There are many things ME4 must do to rebuild following part three, but sadly these innovations won't see the light of day.

The Mass Effect franchise has become one of the most popular, talked-about RPG series of all time. Mass Effect 1 and 2 are almost universally beloved, and the third entry was still great despite a disappointing ending. Thanks to its mix of fun, tactical gameplay, memorable characters, and rich storyline, the trilogy has earned its place among gaming's most popular sci-fi series. Because of this, the next Mass Effect game is one of the most anticipated fourth entries in video game history. Due to the attachment built by players to the decision-laden story, expectations for Mass Effect 4 are almost unattainably high. A distinct lack of information from Bioware and EA hasn't helped to temper the Mass Effect 4 hype machine outside of confirmation it's coming in some form... some time - so fans worldwide have been chipping in with what they want or expect from the game. Despite a lack of substantial press releases, we do know a few details about Mass Effect 4. Most importantly, it will not be a direct sequel to Mass Effect 3. Bioware have confirmed that the first three games' story is finished, and ME 4 won't act as a continuation of the Reaper story. However, the exact setting and time of the game hasn't been announced, including whether or not it will be a prequel of some variety. This list takes a look at some of the craziest fan demands and expectations of Mass Effect 4, and why (sadly) absolutely none of them will happen.

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