Metal Gear Solid 5: 4 Reasons To Be Concerned

Metal Gear Solid is a series that I like many others, hold very close to my heart. So why am…

Jack Harper


Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid is a series that I like many others, hold very close to my heart. So why am I worried as of late? Well let me first say that I LOVE Metal Gear and Hideo Kojima, I enjoy very few things more than them (Buffalo Chicken Pizza is pretty much it).

However, a select group of things about Metal Gear have put me into a bit of a fright as of late, mostly concerning MGS5. I don’t think it will be awful by any means of course, it just might be missing a few things that make Metal Gear… Metal Gear.

Metal Gear isn’t like any other Stealth Action game out there, it has a certain vibe that us fans love. We enjoy the convoluted story-lines, over-the-top villains, and random throw-backs to old games in the series. As most hardcore fans could tell you, almost everything from MGS1-3 was a reference to a thing that happened in a previous game.

This list is mostly about MGS5, but also a few other things Metal Gear related. As usual if you disagree you can always tell me in the comments! I know you will!



4. This Is The Spin Off We Got?


What I find so odd about this game is that any red blooded Metal Gear Fan would tell you that Snake (Solid or Naked) is the hero we want, yet things changed. Before Metal Gear Rising came out, I knew nearly no one who cared about Raiden or his nude charades. I never thought he was a bad character, his game just didn’t do him any favors (Lame Story-line/forgettable bosses/naked cartwheels). After seeing him in MGS4 I KNEW that someone would want a game with him, he was a weeaboo dream come true. I thought his appearance was like any of the Cyborg ninja before him, was pretty cool but not central.

The want to play as the sauntering high heeled ninja never crossed my mind, it was actually somewhere near the bottom of spin-off games I wanted.

Cobra Unit, Liquid Snake- Feathered Mullet Chronicles, Otacon’s Hacking Fun Time(PSN exclusive I assume), Raiden and Rose Dating Sim, and The Fear & Fury’s Cooking Experience…those are above Ninja Raiden to me.

But not only did this game get made, it was made by Platinum Games. A game company that makes every game they do have the same “Slow-motion Slash” thing. They make repetitive hack and slashes, yet people praise them like they are innovating games somehow (the logic of this world alludes me). Now that I think of it, it’s oddly fitting; a stupid idea and stupid company go together beautifully.

Also the villain for MGR-Revengeance was one of the worst villains in Video Game history, he was nothing more than a blatantly evil version of Libertarians who could not stop swearing. His motives were weak, voice acting was awful, and his boss fight was like everything else in MGR. Run around for a bit, then attack.

“Best Game in the Series” – ha.