Metal Gear Solid Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Known The Games?

Even Hideo Kojima wouldn't get all these right.


As one of the most beloved franchises in all of gaming, Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series has provided millions of fans with millions of memories, oodles of loveable characters and a story that's just straight enjoyable to recant.

You've literally got a world-best shadow agent genetically cloned from a super-soldier, going up against various teams of cyber-enhanced terrorists, bringing everything to the table including exoskeletal war-suits, swarms of bees, gigantic mechs and much more.

Not keeping up? Well... then this quiz ain't for you.

The rest of us have been indulging in everything from Big Boss to the La Li Lu Le Lo, loving every facet of Kojima's convoluted attempt to combine all his western and eastern media influences into one property.

First released back in 1987, going forward, Metal Gear Solid is retired - at least as far as Hideo Kojima's concerned. The godawful Metal Gear Survive tanked at retail and for good reason.

Metal Gear fans are some of the most diehard in all gaming history, but within their ranks... where do you fall?

1. According To A 2003 Official PS2 Mag, Which Franchise Had The Most Influence On Metal Gear Solid?

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