Metal Gear Solid V: What We Learned From The E3 Trailer

The Metal Gear Solid saga is, without a doubt, one of the greatest series in the history of gaming. It’s…

Alejandro Montanaro



The Metal Gear Solid saga is, without a doubt, one of the greatest series in the history of gaming. It’s been over 3 years since the last installment in the series (Revengance is just a Spin-Off) and, as expected, the upcoming sequel is filled with a lot of secrets and rumours about what kind of things we might see. I’ve already talked about this subject, but now that we’ve got a new trailer I think many of our questions were finally answered. Sadly many new questions were raised, but, unlike previous trailers this one makes it quite easier to speculate on what could happen in the game.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, I strongly recommend you to do it. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be using the Director’s cut.

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What We Learned From This Trailer

The very first thing we see in this trailer is Miller talking to Snake (presumably after his rescue in Afghanistan) about what actions they’ve done after the downfall of MSF during Ground Zeroes. Apparently not all of the organization was destroyed during the attack and Miller survived and carried on with the organization. At some point he must have been captured by XOF and held as a prisoner of war, the real question is for how long.

This also makes me wonder, we know that Ocelot rescued Snake during the attack at the Hospital, but why the hospital wasn’t guarded by members of MSF on the first place? I guess we can argue that during the attack Snake was sent to a different hospital and MSF couldn’t find where he was, but on the third trailer we saw him with Miller after the attack on Mother Base. And for that matter, why wasn’t Miller the one who rescued Snake instead of Ocellot? I don’t know, maybe he was captured before Snake woke up.

All for revenge…

There’s also the question Ocelot’s intentions on this game. We’ve seen him rescuing Snake from the Hospital and guiding him to where Miller was, but we’ve also been seeing him with Miller torturing Quiet and Huey for reasons unknown to us. But there’s also the fact that the caption that was shown when he appeared was “A Rival living a Lie,” and if there’s something we should all know about Ocelot up to this point is that he always has a secret motive for all of his actions.

Speaking of which, why were Kaz and Ocelot torturing Quiet and Huey? I can’t speak on Quiet, since the only thing we know about the character is that she’s a sniper and that apparently she has some form of supernatural powers, but why torturing Huey? Aren’t they supposed to be friends? Distrust and paranoia will apparently be a big thing in this game, so it’s quite possible that this will be the moment in which we’ll see how Snake turns into a villain.


Another interesting thing we saw was the aftermath after Chico and Paz’s rescue. For a second in the original E3 trailer we thought that Chico wouldn’t make it to Mother Base, since it appeared that Snake was killing him on his cell. But, during the Director’s Cut we saw him and Snake pulling out a bomb out of Paz’s stomach. Is that the “Trojan Horse” Skull Face was talking about?

This scene only brings more questions that answers, since it connects in various ways with previous trailers. First of all we see that Snake could rescue without much of a problem Chico and Paz, however it appears that while he was at Camp Omega the attack on Mother Base happened (since Snake was wearing the same suit he had on the Ground Zeroes trailer) which brings the question: How long is Ground Zeroes going to be?

A Youth who Curses his Fate

Oh yeah, there’s also this guy. From the first moment we first saw him in the trailer it became so obvious who he really was until the point in which it almost feels redundant to write about him. The age, the look, the behavior he appears to have, it couldn’t be more obvious that this kid is Liquid Snake. The real question is what role he’ll have on this story and at which point he’ll appear. After all in a game like Metal Gear (especially if it’s going to be in an open world) there’s almost certain that the action will happen in several places around the world.

Another thing that was important on the trailer was the presence of child soldiers. There are many rumours about whether or not we may see Vulcan Raven or Drebin among these soldiers, knowing Kojima it’s quite possible. I think the most interesting thing about this is the location in which these scenes happen. It appears to be Africa and the reason why this calls my attention it’s because Outer Heaven from the original Metal Gear was located in South Africa. Maybe we’ll see him creating the fortress and founding Fox Hound.


And finally they closed the trailer on one of the coolest things to be shown in it. We had a glimpse of the new technology that will be used on the next Metal Gear, but also a very ominous comment made by Snake:

“They claim that what they’re doing in Africa is the missing piece:

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear”