Metal Gear Survive: 10 Brutally Honest Early Impressions You Need To Know

The reviews are in, and they're just as bad as we thought they'd be...

Metal Gear Survive

Ever since Metal Gear Survive was announced back in 2016, it's been public enemy number one in the gaming world. The first Metal Gear since Konami unceremoniously booted Kojima from the series he made a worldwide phenomenon, the spin-off came under fire not only because of the controversial context in which it was made, but for its uninspired inclusion of zombies, prioritisation of multiplayer and lack of any real connection to the franchise it's based on.

Set in an alternate dimension after a bunch of Big Boss' soldiers were pulled into a wormhole during the events of The Phantom Pain, Survive's whole reason to exist feels more like fan-fiction than a proper justification for a new entry into the series. For months all signs have pointed to disaster, but away from all the drama, the backstabbing and backlash, does Metal Gear Survive deserve the overwhelmingly negative reception it's received so far?

It's the question everyone is dying to have answered (even if only to have the all-clear to burn every copy of the game in existence), and now that launch day has arrived, the first impressions of journalists, fans, and YouTubers have started to trickle through, and they're starting to paint a very vivid picture of how well the title is stacking up...


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