Monster Hunter: World - 10 Hardest Monsters (And How To Beat Them)

10. Legiana


Wrap up warm, it's going to get rather nippy where you're headed. High up in the sky-scraping peaks of the Coral Highlands is where your first encounter with Legiana's will take place, and just like your chilly surroundings, this winged beast will have you carted back to camp for a thorough defrosting if you come ill-prepared.

Before you follow the breadcrumb trail to its favourite hangout, there are a few supplies you'll want on your person in order to make life a whole lot easier - chief of which is the Glider Mantle. This useful poncho will have been awarded to you in a prior story mission, and for good reason: It'll allow you to easier mount your quarry for devastating damage.

The other bits and bobs to pack are Flash Pods (a godsend for heavy weapon users) and Nullberries. The former can be used to make ammo for your slinger that will ground Legiana whenever it decides to spread its wings (read: frequently), while the latter will rid you of the Frostblight status effect it can inflict.

Keep up the chase, and you'll eventually force the beast into an early hibernation - the perfect opportunity to make its rest permanent with a barrel bomb or two.

(Remember, creatures take a ton more damage while sleeping - but only for that first wake-up attack)


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