Mortal Kombat 11: 10 Characters We DON'T Want To See

More Kano, less... drunken oaf.


A fighting game is nothing without a cast of recognisable fighters. Imagine Tekken without Heihachi, or Street Fighter without Chun-Li. There could be no Injustice without Superman, nor could Soul Caliber go without Astaroth. And much like these franchises, fighting game grandfather Mortal Kombat is no different.

Excitement is building in the run-up to MK 11's release, and fans and journalists alike have donated more than a fair amount of thought as to who will fill the remaining 17 roster spots after the reveals of 8 characters so far. Speculation is rife with mentions of fan favourites, but at the same time, among all this excitement... there is an underlying worry.

There are always characters in fighting games who stick around based on comedy value, or importance to the lore, or simply for the fact they've been a series mainstay for as long as the franchise has existed. Unfortunately, all ten mainline entries in the Mortal Kombat series have rosters that slooowly begin to pile up as the years go by, and with larger rosters comes a bigger chance of Mortal Kombat featuring some truly dud characters.


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