Mortal Kombat 11: All 19 Characters CONFIRMED So Far

19. Reptile

Mortal Kombat 10

Status: Leaked by MK 11's Art Director & Spanish voice actor.

All it takes is one slip-up and Mortal Kombat's fandom (or the internet in general) will seize the day. Turns out Mortal Kombat 11's Art Director was having a conversation with website Dualshockers, only to mention how the game's Towers of Time arcade ladders can feature companion characters, and that they'll use some moves from whoever you're playing as.

The example he gave?


This goes alongside an earlier leak from Spanish voice actor José Escudero, who after leaving MK 11 in November, confirmed over Twitter he'd been working as the voice for both Kung Lao and Reptile.

At this stage we're yet to see which version of Reptile we're getting: Ninja or full-on lizard-demon.

As the story of MK 11 is taking us back across the original trilogy thanks to time travel, though - and considering NetherRealm gave fans a host of old-school ninja costumes in MK X - my bet is both.

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