Mortal Kombat 11: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

25. Cetrion

 Cetrion Fatality
NetherRealm Studios

A powerful Elder God with a fatality that feels like it belongs in Injustice 2, Cetrion's moveset comprises a mix of earthly elements to batter opponents with fire, water, earth and wind.

All of this is certainly visually stunning - and comes with a Fatal Blow that shows off NetherRealm's immaculate particle effects work - but Cetrion gets bumped all the way to the bottom for being that little bit too useless when it comes to chaining longer strings together.

No doubt there'll be some who master such a scattered moveset to capitalise on all this unpredictability, but requiring such a time investment when there are MANY better options often means it's just not worth it.

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Gaming Editor

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