Mortal Kombat: 20 Horrifically Stomach-Churning Fatalities

10. Quan Chi - Leg Beatdown

With the tarring thought of his MK: Deadly Alliance fatality still stuck in your mind, it's time for some redemption for the calculating necromancer and boy does he redeem himself. Originally featured in Mortal Kombat 4, Quan Chi's Leg Beatdown is widely considered to be one of the most awesome fatalities in the series. In the latest Mortal Kombat title it was been given a slick reprisal and still retains its brutality through simplicity. Upon tearing off the opponent's leg, Quan Chi begins to beat and pummel the opponent continuously with their blood-spraying appendage even after their head has been splattered off. Showing his impressive stamina, he still continues to whip his victim's body into a battered pulp even after the fatality is over and probably will persevere in doing so until his arm gets a little fatigued, or falls off.

9. Johnny Cage - Testicle Assault

You either love or hate the cocky movie-star extraordinaire Johnny Cage, but his means to dispatch his foes isn't to be scoffed at. Posturing himself in his signature horizontal splits he begins a slew of devastating punches to the opponent's groin before pausing to cheekily look down over his sunglasses then unleashes a barrage of rapid jabs before one final thwack that parts the groin of legs and torso. You're probably wincing at the thought of this regardless of whether you're male or female, either way it's definitely not the kind of foreplay you would have in mind, no matter how strange you might be.

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