Naughty Dog Hint At Nathan Drake's Death In Uncharted 4

'A Thief's End' indeed.

Alright, hands up - who predicted this one coming? Take this with a pinch of salt - as there's every possibility the glum tones Naughty Dog are using in Uncharted 4's press are just to drum up expectations they can reverse later on - but a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine has potentially let the cat out the bag. Creative lead and scriptwriter Neil Druckmann said the following,
"Until things are pinned down then it€™s never definite. But once we put the pins in those things, it became very real. We€™d been discussing it throughout production about how it€™s going to be the last one, but when we said €˜Well, here€™s exactly how it€™s going to happen and we€™re committing to this and here are the scripts for it€™, then all of a sudden it€™s like €˜Oh, this is the end for Nathan Drake!"
You can't get much more concrete than that, as although 'A Thief's End' could pertain to Nate's brother Sam (or Sully), whatever Naughty Dog have planned, there's certainly no coming back once it's over. This comes after the already wrapped-up plot of Uncharted 3, which in the same interview Druckmann noted was intended to be the end of the franchise, putting even more pressure on the team to make Nate's 'one last expedition' worthwhile. Are you hyped for Uncharted 4, or is the series starting to get stale? Vote on Nate's fate above, and let us know in the comments what you think!
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