NBA 2K17: 10 Best Franchises To Take Over In MyGM

These teams are the best way to introduce you to MyGM mode.

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Everybody needs to start somewhere.

Before you take over a troubled franchise with no draft picks and valuable trade assets (hello there Nets!), it's better to first learn about how the game mode works. In order to do so, you need to enter a situation in which either the owner has low expectations or you'll be able to fulfill them without much effort.

The teams on this list provide you with a perfect start, as they're either stacked and ready to succeed now, or set for the future with an interesting young core. Depending on who you pick, you need either some time or people management skills - understood here as Virtual Currency - in order to succeed.

Chosing a team is the first of many decisions you must make. Make it a good one.

10. Golden State Warriors

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Let's get this out of the way: Golden State Warriors have the best roster in the league. Beating them is super hard and playing as them is super fun. Four reliable three point shooters in the starting line-up make for some impressive scoring runs.

The Warriors are also a good team to take over and immediately dominate in the league, but be prepared to be in deep trouble when failing to meet the owner's championship expectations.

There are also some hard decisions to do, as Steph Curry's, Shaun Livingston's and Andre Iguodala's contracts are up, and you probably won't be able to keep all three. You should also keep Durant happy, as his contract has a player option for the next season.

As great as playing with the Warriors is, keeping the four superstars together is actually quite a task - hence the number #10 spot.

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