NBA 2K17: 8 Most Frustrating Things In MyGM

Think twice before throwing your pad out the window.

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I've decided to start anew in My GM last week and turn my favorite team, the Miami Heat - no bandwagoner here, a fan since the Hardaway-Mourning era - into NBA Champions. This goal has eluded me edition after edition, as either they were too good to play with or I got too frustrated with the game itself and my inability to build a competitive team that could simulate its way to the second round of the Playoffs.

This is where you should start playing two or more games in a row in My GM - in the Playoffs, when it matters. That's what we call clutch.

As you can probably guess, My GM didn't go as planned and everything that could go wrong, did. This was really one of my worst performances ever. It reminded me why I sometimes hate My GM and am really angry at myself that I put myself through the painful and time-consuming virtual rebuilding process.

I hope you can relate to, or at least enjoy, my misery.

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