NBA 2K17 My GM: 30 Franchise-Saving Trades You Must Make

Simple trades that will upgrade your team.

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NBA trade deadline is just around the corner - set this year on the 23rd of February. You can still use it to your advantage: with not much time left and clear favorites emerging, there's still hope for your franchise. All you need to do is make just one trade that will save your team maybe not this season, but in the near future.

Some of the most interesting, franchise-altering trades have occurred during the past couple of seasons already: Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks, Pau Gasol to the Lakers and Rasheed Wallace to the Pistons have all been hugely impactful. And they prove how valuable moves can be.

Assuming you start in the regular season, not the off-season, which is a whole different ballgame in MyGM, these trades deserve at least some consideration when your aim is to quickly improving your franchise.

30. Atlanta Hawks

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Who: Dwight Howard C (84), DeAndre Bembry SF (68)

Where: Milwaukee Bucks

For Whom: Khris Middleton SG (81), Spencer Hawes C (75)

The Atlanta Hawks are a middle of the pack playoff team in the Eastern Conference, while Dwight Howard is the best defender and one of two best players on the roster. Why should you trade him? Because of his enormous salary.

Howard is 31 years old and not as athletic as he used to be, yet he is supposed to make $70M in 3 years. That is a really solid cap hit.

Instead, as the team doesn't have a starter-level shooting guard, but two reserve centers that can handle defending the rim, trade him to Milwaukee for Middleton, an A+ 3 point shooter, and offensively superior to Howard Spencer Hawes, who can be the starter. Also, their deals combined will save you $20M over the next 3 seasons.

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