NBA 2K18: 8 Ways It Can Improve On NBA 2K17

Let's make a good thing great!


The NBA 2K series is the most successful basketball video game franchise ever, having exerted its dominance with NBA 2K11. Since then, it's been unquestionable. Some entries in the series would easily make the list of best sports games in history, but lately the series may feel a bit stale.

Lack of competition really doesn't do NBA 2K any favors. Granted, NBA Live is back, but it'll take some time before a serious debate about which one is better can even start. Therefore, NBA 2K is its own worst enemy and only serious opponent.

It's rather hard to imagine 2K18 to be subject to a serious shake-up, but improving the following eight things should get some serious consideration from the game's creators.

8. A New Engine


FIFA 17 looked really fresh thanks to the new Frostbite Engine and it seems that NBA 2K18 could use a similar facelift as well. Player and crowd movements just feel stale, so do the graphics and the animations.

There have been improvements in all of these departments, but they were not significant enough to warrant buying annual instances of the franchise, at least for the casual user.

NBA 2K enjoys a great following and complete lack of competition, so it's understandable that 2K Games became a little bit lazy. A new engine would allow it to look even better.

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