NBA 2K19: 8 New Features You Need To Know

8. Way Less Player Clipping

NBA 2K18 Clipping
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This year, 2K have exorcised a demon. It may not seem like a totally new feature worth touting to some, but 2K have went above and beyond to solve a major graphical issue.

For the most part, the dev team have always delivered slick animation. They need to, because basketball relies on speed. That only made it more depressing to see 2K18's serious clipping problems mid-game; Russell Westbrook's should not become one with anyone's shoulder.

There's way less clipping in 2K19's gameplay, and that's a massive tick for the game straight away. Anything that takes the player out of the on-court experience or ruins the majesty of 2K's painstakingly gorgeous presentation should be considered evil.

There are bound to be some clipping issues here and there when the action is slowed down, which is fine. The problem last year was that it happened so regularly. If it's not noticeable at full speed up close, then it's not a concern, put it that way. Players should feel like living, breathing human beings, not hollow dummies.

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